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Connor Forsyth and Greg Harkins LIVE at the Wah Wah Room

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Wah Wah Room, 9006 Wagtail Dr, Austin

Ticketed show, LIMITED SEATING-- Two of my favorite musicians are teaming up for a special set of original music. It’s always fun watching these guys come up with something new, and they’re doing it just for YOU!

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Scumbags of the Rodeo

"Playing off the title of the Byrds’ classic “Sweetheart of the Rodeo” album, Bill Ogden’s band suitably presents raunchy, rough-and-tumble outsider country music on these 14 tracks."--Peter Blackstock, Austin 360

"Recorded just raw enough by Cris Burns to satisfy both Dale Watson and White Stripes fans."--Tim Stegall, Austin Chronicle






Fighting For the Title


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